Luxury Pools in Sarasota and Bradenton

Luxury Pools can be built with many materials

Luxury Pools

Luxury Pools built with the Aarons-elite personal touch.  The first step in our design process for your  luxury pool construction process is to assess your needs.  This important step needs a comprehensive and thoughtful approach.  At Aarons Elite, our luxury pool designer will look at the site plan, learn what is the customer wants to achieve including how the customer wants to use their luxury pool space.

Luxury Pool construction is like well-designed home

Like a home, luxury pools are designed around how people interact with each other including the age range, anticipated activities and over all purpose of the space.  For example, is the pool going to be used by customers that will require a single level and hand rails for easier access by older customers.  Will custom benches be required or special seating areas.   Will the pool be used primarily by one or two people or will it be used for groups and entertainment?  If there is an outdoor kitchen, design to allow for easy access to drinks and food will shape the overall design of the pool.

Focal Point of the Luxury Pool Space

What is the focal point of the space?  For example, is there a waterfall, spill over for the spa or a beautiful statue that the customer wants to have as the focal point?  Does the space back into a nature preserve or ocean?  See our pool gallery here

Material Used

There is a wide selection of colors and material that can be used.  For example, granite, travertine and pavers.  A wide variety of features can make your luxury pool even more enjoyable.  Such as automation, fire features, water features or a combination of water and fire.  The right combination of selected features can provide for a traditional or modern luxury pool space.

Pool Design Technology

At Aarons-Elite, we use 3 D computer based modeling to help our clients get the most out of their space and budget.

Design your luxury pools area with thoughtfully placed seating areas

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